Project Manager

Rate: $110 plus travel expenses.

Role: Senior PM – Infrastructure

Scope : Implement the infrastructure required to create multiple network security zones, expand the Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS) to support the new architecture and implement network based malware protection. It will also provide oversight of the first wave of applications into the secure zones.

Duration : ASAP – June 30, 2016

Key Project Deliverables

  • A new, segmented core network (Zones of Trust) – semi-secure, secure and highly secure zones in the Winnipeg Data Centre (WDC) and London Recovery Centre (LRC). These zones will be replicated for LifeCo Canada and Fundco.
  • Physical separation of the network and storage components in the semi-secure zone (DMZ) from other trust zones at the LRC. Physical separation of the DMZ storage components from other storage. components at the WDC (the network components have already been separated). This will allow subsequent projects to physically separate servers as required.
  • A new security management zone to manage the devices within the zones of trust.
  • Expansion of the existing IDS/IPS systems to cover the new zones of trust in the WDC and LRC.
  • Network based Malware Protection in the WDC and LRC. Required to protect the network against the advanced threats that have become prevalent in today’s Cyber world.
  • Operational processes necessary to support and maintain the new infrastructure, including materials necessary to support operational change management (e.g. a playbook for landing new applications into the trust zones).

Skill Set

Standard PM skills – WBS, estimating, risk management, status reporting, etc etc as well as soft skills negotiation, conflict resolution, facilitation, etc

• Experience as a PM implementing Networking and Security infrastructure

• Experience working in a multi-company shared enterprise environment

• I.S. Security background


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